Posted on: July 6, 2017

Minuteman Regional Vocational Technical School

Rock Blasting Operations

Based on subsurface investigations, the excavation for the new school consists of ledge removal.  The preferred method for removal will utilize an operation commonly referred to as “Rock Blasting”. The operation involves drilling a grid of holes to a measured depth and inserting a small, calculated amount of explosives. The controlled detonation of the explosives fractures the rock for excavation with traditional earthmoving equipment. 

The following bullets and attached information is provided to familiarize you with the Minuteman plan. 

  • All State regulations will be strictly adhered to during this operation. The contractor performing the work is licensed by the State.
  • The work will be done in accordance with the permit issued by the Town of Lincoln. The Lincoln Fire Department will be present during all blasting operations
  • The state requires pre-condition surveys of adjacent structure within a radius of 250 feet of the operation. Surveys are not required for structures outside of that area.
  • The force of the blast is calculated to be restricted for vibration to be dissipated prior to reaching the nearest structure. In this case, the homes owned by Minuteman on Mill Street are about 150’ from the operation. Homes beyond 150’ are considered outside the area of influence. The vibrations are monitored with seismographs.
  • There will typically only be two blasts per day.  They are anticipated to be late morning (11:00 AM) and early afternoon (2:00 PM).  The actual blasts are announced by a sequence of audible whistles.
  • The operation is schedule to start the week of July 24th or July 31st. A forthcoming notice will be issued to confirm the start.
  • The main operation is anticipated to take approximately 2 months. There may be intermittent activity required after the main excavation.  These dates may decrease on increase based on actual subsurface conditions.  Notifications will be sent to update progress.
  • Click here to view documents associated with blasting operations.

Please check the Planning Board website for further information on this project and updates.

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