Lincoln Station Area Access and Circulation

Lincoln Station - South Lincoln Area 2

Improvements for pedestrian, transit, and bicycle connections that include access and safety in and around Lincoln Station will include, but not be limited to:

Pedestrian refuge island(s) • Crosswalks • Accessible pedestrian signals • New or improved crossing treatments at intersections • Midblock including RRFB’s and HAWK signals • Improvement of transit connects for pedestrians including ramps and signage • Transit connection improvements for bicyclists, including secure bicycle parking and signage • ADA/AAB compliant curb ramps, and new sidewalks  

Access and circulation is important for this densely populated area with its abundance of local destinations. People walk or bike from their homes to school, shops, restaurants, parks, local amenities and transit stations. An Over-55 development and a 128-unit mixed-income rental development, as well as other high-density condominium developments are located within this Village area. The Walk to School local access score ranks this area as a high access area as it directly connects to the Lincoln Public Schools Complex. In addition, this area is highly used by transit riders, cyclists, and visitors.

​Making this center safe is vital and this action item is part of the Town’s revitalization goals for Lincoln Station in trying to make it a vibrant Town Center and hub of the community connecting to other local amenities in Town and the region.

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