Current Bemis Lecture-Jal Mehta

Learning Deeply at Scale: The Challenge of Our Times

Tuesday, May 1 at 7 pm, Bemis Hall (16 Bedford Road)

In this talk, Harvard Graduate School of Education professor (and Lincoln resident) Jal Mehta will discuss findings from his forthcoming book, In Search of Deeper Learning: Inside the Effort to Remake the American High School. Drawing on research in 30 schools across the nation, the talk will explore what it means to understand something deeply, why such learning is rare in American public schools, and how some teachers and schools manage to transcend these realities and create powerful, intellectually-enlivening education. The conclusion of the talk will suggest both reformist and radical ways to make the kind of powerful learning which is currently the exception in American public schools the rule. The talk will include audience interaction and time for Q and A. Hosted by the Bemis Free Lecture Series and the Lincoln School Foundation.

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