1. Assessors

    Obtain information about the Lincoln assessors.

  2. Assistance in Financial Emergencies

    Find out how the Council on Aging can help all of Lincoln's residents during a financial emergency.

  3. Bemis Lecture Series

    Bemis Lecture Series

  4. Building & Engineering

    Obtain information about inspections.

  5. Cable TV

    Cable TV

  6. Cemetery Services

    Cemetery Services

  7. Conservation

    Discover what Lincoln is doing for conservation.

  8. Council on Aging

    Explore what the council on aging has for senior citizens.

  9. Facility Rentals

    Browse local parks and facilities.

  10. Fire Department

    Discover the services your local fire department offers.

  11. Library

    Explore your local library.

  12. MBTA Project

    MBTA Project

  13. Parks & Recreation

    Explore the parks and recreation department.

  14. Pierce House

    Pierce House

  15. Planning

    Learn about the planning department.

  16. Police Department

    Learn about the responsibilities of the Lincoln Police Department.

  17. Public Works

    See what the public works department does for your community,

  18. Recycling

    Obtain information about our recycling programs.

  19. Schools

    Learn about area schools.

  20. Town Administrator

    Town Administrator

  21. Town Clerk

    View information about the functions of the town clerk.

  22. Transfer Station/Recycling/Brush Collection

    Transfer Station/Recycling/Brush Collection

  23. Treasurer / Collector

    Visit the collector and treasurer page.

  24. Veterans' Services

    Discover the services we provide.

  25. Water Department

    Read about our mission.

  26. Zoning Board of Appeals